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XRP Ledger’s L2 Smart Contract Development Reaches Key Stage

Evernode, the XRP Ledger Layer 2 platform, is closing in on a pivotal development phase, bringing smart contracts to XRP Ledger closer than ever.

Evernode's Journey: Nearing Smart Contract Innovation on XRP

Evernode, the exciting Layer 2 platform of XRP Ledger (XRPL), has just pulled back the curtain, revealing key updates as it advances toward launch. A powerful gateway for smart contracts to enter the XRP Ledger landscape through Hooks, Evernode is shaping the future of XRPL.

The ball is already rolling, with the audit of their trio of hooks set to kick off in mid-August. However, the Evernode team is holding their breath as they await Ripple's green light with paperwork and funding, akin to other XRPL Grants Grantees.

While the team marches forward, they've encountered hurdles. The Nomad contract, in particular, posed a greater challenge than expected. Initially failing to persist on the betanet, the contract was instrumental in spotting bugs and areas for enhancement. The team, however, is undeterred, committed to squashing these bugs and conquering the obstacles ahead.

A big shout out to the 104 betahosts who've been instrumental in refining the platform by offering priceless feedback in a near-live environment.

The road to developing Evernode, a Layer 2 platform for XRP Ledger, is paved with complexities. However, the resilience, dedication, and hard work of the Evernode team are powering them through this arduous journey.

Upon successful launch, Evernode promises a treasure trove of opportunities for developers. The ability to build and deploy smart contracts on the XRP Ledger network could put XRP on par with giants like Ethereum, which already holds sway in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

Evernode doesn't just stop at leveling the playing field. It aims to fuel the adoption of XRP Ledger by attracting an influx of developers. The ripple effect? Expanded network capabilities, more applications, and a surge in adoption and value.

The impending launch of Evernode's Layer 2 platform for XRP Ledger is a landmark moment for the XRP community, spotlighting the relentless innovation and development powering the ecosystem's growth and success.

As we pen this, XRP, the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of trading volume and market capitalization, is seeing a sideways price movement. At $0.7119, it's down by 1.6% over the last 24 hours. But with Evernode on the horizon, XRP's future is looking brighter than ever!