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XRP Ledger's Smart Contract Platform Announces Crucial Launch Details

Evernode announces potential launch, bolstered by its integration with Xahau on XRPL, promising a revolutionary smart contract solution.

Evernode Edges Closer to Launch with Xahau Integration on XRPL

Evernode, an innovative Layer-2 smart contract solution operating atop XRP Ledger (XRPL), has hinted at a potential imminent launch. This revelation came through a tweet, highlighting their aim to democratize the hosting and deployment of smart contracts on the XRPL.

The Xahau Ledger, recognized as the smart contract sidechain pivotal for the XRPL ecosystem, is currently under a code audit by the Web3 audit platform, FYEO. XRPL Labs' CTO, Richard AH, has affirmed the completion of the Xahau code. It's noteworthy that August was marked by the collaborative release of the Xahau white paper, involving significant contributors like XRPL Labs, Evernode, Alloy Networks, and several other industry players.

Post the white paper launch, Xahau has been on a development spree, gearing up for its grand launch. Notably, Wietse Wind, a developer associated with XRPL Labs, announced an upgrade to the Xahau Testnet in late September. Among the list of new features, the "UNL Report" garnered attention, where UNL nodes relay reports on the stable operation of their counterpart UNL nodes.

Evernode's tweet emphasized the gravity of the Xahau launch. The existence of Evers and Evernode hinges on the introduction of Xahau. In this context, Evernode highlighted that its code segment, termed "3 hooks," would soon be a part of Xahau's code audit once the b2m (Burn2Mint) component is audited. The Burn2Mint mechanism, introduced by Xahau, is pivotal for porting Xahau XRP, derived from XRP incinerated on the XRPL, to the Xahau platform.

Post-launch, Evernode intends to roll out an airdrop to XRP holders. A substantial allocation of Evers, which is slated to be the protocol's primary currency, has been earmarked for this purpose. Once Xahau sees its official release, users will have the provision to claim the airdrop, contingent on their XRP balance on the XRPL, as registered by the snapshot taken on September 1.