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MoMA Reveals Groundbreaking MoMA Postcard Project: The Intersection of Art and Blockchain

Explore MoMA's innovative Postcard Project, uniting art and blockchain. Renowned artists collaborate to create unique blockchain postcards in a global celebration of creativity.

MoMA Postcard Project: A Fusion of Art and Blockchain Creativity

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative known as the MoMA Postcard project. In a unique fusion of traditional artistic expression and cutting-edge blockchain technology, this venture aims to foster collaborative creativity. Through the minting of postcards on the Tezos blockchain and powered by Autonomy Wallet, the MoMA Postcard project showcases the work of 15 artists, each representing distinct destinations.

The MoMA Postcard project, presented by MoMA and facilitated by Autonomy Wallet, is an exciting celebration of collaborative creativity. It features a collection of 15 co-created postcards, each resulting from the collaboration of 15 artists, each representing a unique destination. Enthusiasts can explore this collection on and discover how to participate, design, and share their own postcards by visiting

The project has attracted notable artists, including @GrantYun2, @petereburr, @ykxotkx, @dmitricherniak, @lovidlovid, and several others. These artists provided prompts that guided the creation of their respective postcards. For instance, @dmitricherniak prompted participants to design a goose avatar in the theme of “Mango-Grayscale-Dada,” while @GrantYun2 encouraged embracing nature with “Hazel-Gradient-Symmetry.”

Described as an “experiment in collective creativity on blockchain,” the MoMA Postcard project resembles a digital chain letter. Each postcard is the result of collaborative efforts as it transitions from one destination to another. With 15 blank stamps on each card awaiting designs by its co-creators, these postcards transform into captivating blockchain journeys.

The core objective of the project is to provide a platform for individuals to explore NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and blockchain technology in an accessible and innovative way. MoMA aspires to inspire connections and conversations within the digital art world through this unique initiative.

MoMA invited 15 artists who stand at the intersection of art and technology to craft their sets of unique cards. Beginning with a blank card, each artist introduced a prompt, and these cards circulated among all participants. As they traveled globally, each card evolved based on its prompt and collected unique stamps. These stamps, once verified on the blockchain, represented ownership of the card. The result is a collection of cards that are co-created and co-owned simultaneously.

Spanning 35 cities, across 11 countries and 5 continents, the “MoMA Postcard First 15” project serves as a testament to boundary-less collaborative creativity. Every component of this project, from the artists’ prompts to the unique stamps, contributes to the collective whole, emphasizing the global nature of this artistic endeavor.

The MoMA Postcard project is a remarkable fusion of art and blockchain technology, showcasing the potential for collaborative creativity in the digital age. With participation from renowned artists and the utilization of blockchain’s immutable ledger, this initiative represents a significant step forward in the exploration of NFTs and blockchain within the art world. As these co-created postcards journey across the globe, they symbolize the power of technology to unite artists and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a truly global artistic community.