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Zilliqa Incorporates Chainlink Price Feeds for Superior Blockchain Performance

Zilliqa takes a giant leap by embedding Chainlink pricing feeds into its ecosystem, heralding a new era for data-driven smart contracts and dApps.

Zilliqa Elevates Blockchain Experience with Chainlink Data Feeds

Zilliqa, a leading blockchain platform, takes a monumental leap by integrating Chainlink pricing feeds into both its mainnet and testnet, augmenting its ecosystem with real-time, dependable data to fuel smart contracts and dApps.

Zilliqa celebrates the full-fledged operation of Chainlink data streams on its platform. Chainlink’s data feeds, renowned in the crypto domain, extract price information from an extensive spectrum of sources through an autonomous node network. Serving as esteemed price oracles, these feeds convey accurate token pricing details from external sources. Notably, Chainlink's robust data reliability is exemplified by the fact that it secures about 30% of the Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi, as tracked by DeFillama.

This integration heralds a new dawn for developers on the Zilliqa platform, equipping them with the tools to craft more secure and dynamic dApps. With Chainlink’s real-time data at their disposal, developers are primed to port renowned dApps from other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) platforms onto Zilliqa, thus expanding its ecosystem and catalyzing innovation.

Chainlink stands at the forefront of connecting blockchain-centric smart contracts with tangible real-world data. For the autonomous execution of smart contracts based on pre-set criteria, access to external data is often indispensable. Herein lies Chainlink's role as a trusted "oracle" – a bridge that procures and channels real-world data to these contracts.

With the integration of Chainlink pricing feeds, Zilliqa's mainnet and testnet are primed for a renaissance. Developers can now ideate and execute pioneering applications that are not only attuned to real-world data but can also adapt to the ever-changing token price dynamics within Zilliqa's purview.

Zilliqa warmly welcomes developers keen on leveraging Chainlink pricing feeds in their dApps to delve into the Zilliqa Developer Portal. Here, an exhaustive guide awaits, poised to guide them in harnessing Chainlink’s unparalleled data streams.