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Flare Partners with Avascan to Launch Flarescan: A Comprehensive Ecosystem Explorer

Flare collaborates with Avascan, launching Flarescan, an advanced ecosystem explorer. Dive deep into the Flare network and experience unparalleled transparency!

Flare & Avascan Unite: Introducing Flarescan for Next-Gen Blockchain Exploration

Flare, the trailblazing EVM smart contract platform, joins forces with the acclaimed Avascan Block Explorer. Their mission? To introduce Flarescan—a cutting-edge ecosystem explorer that promises a deep dive into the Flare network like never before. This strategic alliance sets the stage to redefine accessibility and transparency in the Flare universe.

Launching on October 16th, Flarescan isn't just another tool—it's the tool for Flare enthusiasts and developers. With its integration into the Routescan block explorer platform, users can access this powerhouse through its dedicated portal,

Delving deeper into Flarescan’s offerings, you can uncover:

  • Comprehensive insights into the Flare and Songbird mainnets and the Coston testnets.
  • Detailed transaction histories, token flow breakdowns, and network health statuses.
  • Unique features ensuring easy access to the C-Chain and P-Chain.

Designed for ease and functionality, Flarescan’s user interface highlights broad network statistics alongside detailed transaction data. Users are also treated to visually appealing data representation through intuitive graphs. And, with its rigorous data verification mechanism, you’re assured of the precision of every piece of info.

Come October 16th, Flarescan will fully embrace the C-Chain and provide foundational support for the P-Chain, complete with real-time staking metrics. Fast forward to November, and you'll witness an expansion of its prowess with the full support for P-Chain and historical staking insights.

For the tech-savvy, Flarescan promises a developer API for effortless blockchain data incorporation, fueling the rise of decentralized apps atop the Flare network.

Flare's very own Hugo Philion, and Avascan’s Giacomo Barbieri, both echoed sentiments emphasizing their commitment to refining the developer experience, hinting at even brighter prospects for this collaboration.

Flare, commonly referred to as the “blockchain for data,” surpasses typical blockchain horizons. With its integration of decentralized oracles, it becomes the go-to for decentralized data sourcing.

Avascan, renowned for its detailed and intuitive blockchain exploration, has garnered immense trust in the blockchain community. Flarescan, hosted on the Routescan platform, taps into this legacy by focusing on EVM-based blockchain systems.

This union between Flare and Avascan not only marks an evolutionary leap in the Flare ecosystem but also underscores both entities' drive to champion progress and inclusivity in the blockchain realm.