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XRP Ledger Nears Smart Contract Integration as 'Hooks' Passes Security Audit

"Hooks," the smart contract functionality upgrade to XRP Ledger, has successfully passed a security audit by FYEO, edging the ledger closer to integrating smart contracts.

The global XRP Ledger community is one step closer to a significant technological milestone, as "Hooks," the highly anticipated upgrade to XRP Ledger technology, successfully passes its security audit. The basic smart contract functionality, dubbed "Hooks," promises to make the XRP Ledger fully programmable.

The announcement was shared by XRPL Labs, revealing that the security audit of "Hooks" was successfully carried out by US-based cybersecurity firm FYEO. This company uses artificial intelligence to conduct rigorous third-party stress testing of blockchain software. The audit scrutinized all elements of the potential upgrade, including the Hook API, helper functions, and execution environment.

XRPL Labs was satisfied with the outcome of the audit, expressing confidence in the security of the upcoming feature. The team stated, "The feedback from FYEO was exceptionally positive. During their audit, they found no serious or severe security issues. Several minor and a few moderate issues were found and were promptly resolved by us."

XRPL Hooks represent basic smart contracts for the XRP Ledger. They will empower developers to create software programs with basic economic logics, akin to what they can do on major smart contract platforms. This upgrade is the most eagerly awaited since the inception of the XRP Ledger, marking a crucial step forward in its technological development.