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WorldVest Launches MineralCoin on BSV Blockchain Using Tokenized Smart Contract Protocol

WorldVest has announced the launch of MineralCoin on the BSV blockchain using the innovative Tokenized Smart Contract Protocol, marking an important milestone in security token adoption.

WorldVest, a pioneer in the tokenization and digitization of real-world assets, is set to launch MineralCoin on the Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) blockchain using the innovative Tokenized Smart Contract Protocol. This move makes MineralCoin one of the first real-world assets to be tokenized as a security on the Ethereum blockchain in late 2017, eligible for global trading on approved platforms.

MineralCoin is a security token earning a mineral production royalty from the acquisition, exploration, and production of global mineral projects, including Bauxite, Iron, and Gold, in Guinea, West Africa. With WorldVest's asset growth and Guinea Bauxite's global prominence, the ongoing development of global mineral projects boosts the royalty yield to MineralCoin, increasing its intrinsic value.

WorldVest's decision to tokenize real-world assets comes amid the growth of security token adoption, which is projected to form a significant part of the future of finance. CEO Garrett Krause has praised the maturity and performance of the BSV blockchain and the all-inclusive Tokenized smart contract platform for revolutionizing financial contracts through digital transformation.

Tokenized utilizes a unique architecture combining private and permissioned subledgers within Bitcoin SV's application layer. This architecture aims to create a more efficient and cost-effective financial system, particularly in private markets, unlocking a wide range of opportunities and use cases.