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Stellar (XLM) Gears Up for Its Most Significant Protocol Enhancement: An Overview

Stellar announces its most comprehensive upgrade, "Protocol 20", introducing support for Soroban smart contracts. The integration into Stellar's testnet is slated for Sept. 20.

Stellar (XLM) Prepares for Protocol 20 Upgrade: Integrating Soroban Smart Contracts

In a pivotal move, the blockchain-based payment network, Stellar (XLM), is gearing up for its most advanced protocol upgrade - "Protocol 20 Upgrade." This upgrade is poised to welcome the support of Soroban smart contracts.

Soroban divulged this development in an X post, announcing that its smart contract support will be integrated into Stellar's testnet on Sept. 20 at 3:00 p.m. UTC. It's noteworthy to mention that during this period, the Soroban Futurenet will remain operational without disruptions.

Furthermore, Stellar's testnet is also on track for an upgrade at the same aforementioned time. This will usher in release candidate versions of both Stellar Core and Horizon. With the "Protocol 20 Upgrade" expected to debut novel network settings under the purview of validators, there's an anticipation of an initial upgrade vote. This vote may pave the way for successive voting rounds to fine-tune these settings.

Detailing the nuances of the upgrade, Stellar's blog post outlines that the mainnet validators are projected to set an upgrade vote roughly six weeks post the launch of stable releases. However, the exact date for this public network upgrade vote remains elusive, currently tagged as "to be determined" or TBD.

In its commitment to transparency, Stellar pledges timely updates on this front. The company assures to promptly share voting timelines and will keep the community abreast with fresh dates in light of new data or subsequent releases.

Making headlines recently, Stellar caught the limelight with its intriguing teaser - a cinematic commercial featuring the renowned British actor, Idris Elba. Complementing this, Stellar also sported a fresh avatar, undergoing a website rebranding. In another initiative to showcase the transformative power of blockchain, Stellar, on Sept. 14, launched "Decentralife." This series delves into the poignant narratives of individuals leveraging blockchain to drive tangible changes in the real world.