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Sparklo Thrives as Ethereum Introduces AI Tool for Analyzing Smart Contract Source Code

Investors are flocking to Sparklo, anticipating substantial future returns. Simultaneously, Ethereum is planning to incorporate an AI tool to examine smart contract source codes, which could present growth opportunities.

As centralized banks stumble and inflation rates fluctuate, many investors and traders are diversifying their portfolios by associating with blockchain-based companies that offer tangible value.

Sparklo, a novel alternative investment platform, is attracting a lot of investor interest due to its potential for significant future returns. The platform aims to revolutionize how precious metals are traded and invested by allowing users to purchase gold, silver, and platinum instantly via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Sparklo tokens are currently in the third stage of their presale, offering an opportune moment for investors to participate in this innovative project.

To further secure investors' funds, Sparklo has undergone a smart contract audit by the Interfi Network, and its KYC application submitted to Block Audit Report has been approved.

On the other hand, Ethereum, a more established rival to Sparklo, is planning to integrate an AI tool to analyze smart contract source codes. Etherscan, one of Ethereum's most popular blockchain scanning websites, recently announced this tool, which uses AI technology developed by OpenAI. It allows users to request an explanation of any Ethereum smart contract's source code in whole or in part, aiding in making informed decisions about engaging with smart contracts built on Ethereum.

However, Ethereum advises users to verify the tool's results before using them as the sole basis for legal arguments or bug bounty applications, as the tool is intended solely for educational purposes.