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Smart-Contract Registry Cookbook Raises $2M to Create Web3 Developer Support Tools

Cookbook raises $2 million to support Web3 developers with tools and education, streamlining their work and reducing development costs for numerous companies.

Smart-contract registry Cookbook has secured $2 million in funding to bolster its efforts in supporting Web3 developers' projects. The investment round saw participation from MaC Venture Capital, Tagus Capital, Superscrypt, and Alchemy.

The funds will be utilized to streamline developers' work on building out Web3, reducing development costs for hundreds of companies, and co-creating free educational content for Web3 builders in partnership with developer communities.

Tyler Sehr, Cookbook CEO, expressed excitement in a press release, stating, "With this investment, we're excited to continue building the most comprehensive platform for web3 developers, aggregating everything they need to launch their production apps."

Cookbook's platform provides developers with tools to browse thousands of open-source smart contract templates and access documentation on operating those contracts. According to Leon Mirochnik, General Partner at Tagus Capital, these tools allow developers to secure "battle-tested" codes that support their projects.

Over 1,500 developers have used Cookbook, accessing more than 3,000 smart contracts through the platform. As the number of smart contracts of varying quality continues to grow on the web, Cookbook's services become increasingly valuable to developers.

Mirochnik explained, "The increased interest in digital assets in the last 3 years has led to a chaotic upsurge in the number of smart contracts created by thousands of developer communities around the world, but the industry still lacks a robust infrastructure for finding battle-tested open-source smart contracts templates."