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SettleMint Unveils AI Genie to Boost Blockchain Transformation for Engineers

SettleMint has launched AI Genie, an AI assistant on its platform to assist engineers in enhancing blockchain transformation. It enables smart contract creation, data integration, and quality assurance testing, addressing the blockchain skills gap.

AI Genie Launched by SettleMint to Advance Blockchain

SettleMint, the blockchain transformation platform, has announced the introduction of AI Genie, an AI tool designed to assist engineers in speeding up blockchain transformation within enterprises. The AI Genie offers tools to bridge the blockchain skills gap.

The latest AI feature in the SettleMint platform allows engineers, regardless of their knowledge of Solidity or other smart contract languages, to create smart contracts, incorporate data, and enhance quality assurance testing. Matthew Van Niekerk, SettleMint's Co-founder and CEO, expressed that the company's mission has always been to simplify blockchain development for enterprise engineers, and the AI Genie is another step towards fulfilling this mission.

The AI Genie from SettleMint boosts an engineer's capability to drive blockchain transformation. It addresses the increasing demand for blockchain skills, which surged by 552% in 2022, and compensates for the scarcity of professional developers with extensive experience in Solidity.

Accessible from within SettleMint’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the AI Genie can assist engineers in creating smart contracts, even if they lack prior experience. Engineers can use prompts to guide the AI Genie, which drafts smart contracts automatically and provides support for understanding the contracts it creates.

The AI Genie can also enhance quality assurance and conduct tests on the smart contracts to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities. AI capabilities have been introduced into SettleMint’s Integration Studio as well, in the form of a ChatGPT node that supports any required data, process, or system integration flow.

Roderik van der Veer, Co-founder & CTO at SettleMint, explained that the AI Genie significantly enhances efficiency when creating secure smart contracts for any blockchain application. The tool can be used by beginners to draft smart contracts, gather best practice insights, and understand complex concepts, while experienced developers can utilize it to identify and resolve issues more quickly, thereby making smart contracts more reliable and error-free.

About SettleMint: SettleMint is a high-performance, low-code platform designed for blockchain transformation. It allows engineering teams to build, integrate, and launch applications on web3 infrastructure rapidly and easily. The platform reduces project implementation risk and enables IT teams to quickly deliver blockchain applications. SettleMint's platform offers a suite of tools, frameworks, templates, the AI Genie, and APIs to simplify development requirements and expedite the development and delivery of any blockchain use case.