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Phala Network Unveils Phat Contract: A Leap Forward for Web3 Builders

Phala Network introduces Phat Contract, an enhanced smart contract solution that simplifies developers' task of linking smart contracts to various blockchain ecosystems.

Web3 infrastructure provider, Phala Network, has introduced Phat Contract, a superior smart contract solution for blockchain builders. It streamlines developers' process of linking a smart contract to nearly any blockchain ecosystem, effectively enabling smart contracts to interact with the real world more proficiently. The off-chain program is designed to bridge the gap between web2 services and the web3 universe.

Phat Contract promotes easy integration across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Substrate blockchains within a trustless environment. It promises efficient interaction with off-chain data while retaining trustworthy and secure information, making it an innovative solution for implementing web3 functions.

Phat Contract uses predefined components, called Phat Bricks, and customizable templates, known as Blueprints, to aid developers in building next-gen applications without needing to code. A new LensAPI Oracle Blueprint has been introduced, which lets SocialFi users tailor the Oracle to their specifications.

Phat Contract caters to a range of users, from beginners who can use pre-defined blueprints to build applications, to advanced users who can customize contracts to their needs. Notably, the program allows smart contracts to run traditional code in languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Rust, enabling them to perform familiar web2 tasks.