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NFT Marketplace DIBA Goes Live on ‘Really Good for Bitcoin’ Smart Contracts

DIBA, the latest addition to the NFT marketplace, has launched with a unique Bitcoin-based platform. By utilizing Layer 2 "Really Good for Bitcoin" smart contracts, DIBA offers cheaper and more private transactions, reinventing the way users exchange digital assets.

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) just got a thrilling new player, DIBA, a groundbreaking marketplace that brings a unique twist to the Bitcoin-based NFT space. Unveiled on Thursday, DIBA is designed to transform how users exchange assets issued on Bitcoin smart contracts across Layer 2 networks, including the Lightning Network.

Collaborating with crypto miner Hut 8 Mining, DIBA introduces an innovative Bitcoin-only wallet that can hold a variety of digital assets, from music files to art pieces. The marketplace represents a big leap forward in the Bitcoin-based tokens landscape, which has recently seen an influx of newcomers lured by enticing features and immense potential.

DIBA's standout quality lies in its use of "Really Good for Bitcoin" (RGB) smart contracts, operating on Layer 2 networks. This novel approach ensures not only more affordable transactions but also enhanced privacy for users. As DIBA's co-founder Gideon Nweze points out, RGB protocol could be instrumental in curbing high transaction fees typically associated with the Bitcoin network.

Among DIBA's backers is renowned venture capitalist Tim Draper, who sees a promising future for the platform amidst an anticipated surge in Bitcoin-based assets. "What Gideon and the team at DIBA have built is a testament to the potential NFTs on Bitcoin,” Draper commented, envisioning a market cap of around $10bn for Bitcoin assets in the upcoming years.