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Neo Rolls Out Neo v3.6.0 on TestNet and Schedules Upcoming Hard Fork.

Neo introduces v3.6.0, ushering in zk-SNARKs and enhancing smart contract capabilities. Explore the advancements that shape the next phase of blockchain.

Neo v3.6.0: A Quantum Leap in Blockchain Technology

Neo's latest update, v3.6.0, is not just another version—it's a transformation. Alongside a transition to .NET 7, it brings game-changing features, such as verifying zero-knowledge proofs in smart contracts.

The Basilisk hard fork, integrated into this update, introduces novel smart contract checks. Post-fork, a contract's notifications will align with its manifest events. Additionally, Basilisk improves BigInteger parsing in JSON deserialization, supporting precision up to 257. Expect its activation at blocks 2,680,000 on TestNet and 4,120,000 on MainNet.

Neo v3.6.0 embraces zk-SNARKs—a revolutionary zero-knowledge proof. This allows validating a computation without executing it or revealing essential inputs. It enhances scalability for blockchain, also promoting user privacy. This update supports SNARKs using the Groth16 proof system on the BLS12-381 curve—a gold standard in zk-SNARK technology.

Neo v3.6.0 is a developer's delight. It introduces NeoVM opcodes like ABORTMSG and ASSERTMSG, aiding in pinpointing issues without node inspections. The "Conflict" attribute lets creators send multiple transactions, ensuring only one's approval.

Further, interactions with contract storage have been enhanced. StorageDumper allows storage exportation to JSON, and the FindStorage RPC API call supports storage key or prefix searches. Aesthetically, CLI visuals have been refined.

The update brings the getContractById and getContractHashes methods to the ContractManagement native contract. Also, the FindOptions.Backwards supports reverse order iteration. Another highlight is the support for .NET Standard 2.1 in NeoVM, opening doors for Unity projects to sync with Neo blockchains.

Neo's commitment to refining user experience is evident through disk usage reductions, adjustments to the Oracle client, and solutions for contract trust conflicts. A noted bug fix addresses the premature activation of PrepareRequest during consensus rounds.

Neo's v3.6.0 is more than an update—it's a vision of the future of blockchain, one that promises enhanced security, scalability, and functionality for all its users.