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Moondance Labs Presents Tanssi ContainerChain: Advancing AppChain Implementation

Moondance Labs introduces Tanssi's ContainerChains, redefining Appchain deployment with speed, flexibility, and efficiency

Tansy's ContainerChains: Revolutionizing AppChain Deployment in Blockchain Development

Today, Moondance Labs unveiled a groundbreaking addition to the blockchain realm: Tanssi’s ContainerChains. This innovation offers a streamlined method to deploy application-specific blockchains, popularly known as AppChains.

The ascent of AppChains is marked by their adaptability, inherent security features, and decentralized architecture. However, they've been hampered by intricate deployment processes which often lead to increased costs and time delays.

Enter ContainerChains. This cutting-edge solution, built on the Tanssi Appchain protocol, offers developers a quick and efficient way to launch AppChains. By linking an AppChain to the Tanssi network, it metamorphoses into a ContainerChain. This transformative process slashes the deployment time from several months to merely an hour, merging the ease of smart contract execution with the robustness of AppChains.

Francisco Agosti, the visionary CEO of Moondance Labs and Tanssi's co-architect, articulated, “While the momentum behind AppChains and rollups has been commendable, there’s a clear void for a tailored, yet automated approach. Containerchains is our answer to that, ensuring decentralization and fortifying the tenets of Web3.”

Rooted in the Substrate framework, Tanssi Containerchains offer a fusion of adaptability and simplicity. Substrate's flexibility is unparalleled, yet its intricacies can be daunting. Tanssi, with its pre-built templates, offers a streamlined entry into this domain and the broader Polkadot landscape. For Ethereum aficionados, EVM-compatible blueprints are on hand.

Containerchains boast a slew of features:

  • Streamlined block-builder tasks with incentivized management.
  • Empowers developers to retrieve a holistic chain history.
  • A gateway to major wallets, indexers, and EVM-compatible platforms.
  • Simplified with in-built templates.
  • Comprehensive tools for effortless management and troubleshooting.

Further enriching its offering, Tanssi’s association with Polkadot’s Relay Chain unlocks shared security and innate interoperability.

Tanssi's Dancebox, the inaugural public testnet, is primed to catalyze ContainerChain's adoption. RMRK, LeverFi, and Galaxia Studios are among the pioneers joining the Tanssi fold.

Bruno Skvork, the visionary behind RMRK, acclaimed, “Tanssi’s avant-garde approach to AppChain infrastructure propels our NFT vision. It liberates us to craft and refine without the infrastructural hindrances."

This year saw Moondance Labs garnering $3 million in seed funding from heavyweights like Arrington Capital and Fenbushi.

Developers eager to redefine AppChain deployment can immerse themselves in Tanssi ContainerChains via the Dancebox testnet. With Moondance Labs' exhaustive guides, the voyage promises to be intuitive.

Tanssi, currently in its developmental phase, aspires to reshape AppChain deployment. By eliminating the lengthy and convoluted traditional processes, Tanssi presents a rapid, efficient, and secure deployment pathway, leveraging the robustness of the Polkadot relaychain. Discover the future at