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Mazzuma Unveils AI-Powered Smart Contract Generator for Web3 dApps

Mazzuma, a software startup, introduces MazzumaGPT, an AI-powered tool to generate smart contract code for Web3 dApps, aiding Africa's fintech development.

Mazzuma's new AI-powered Smart Contract Generator, MazzumaGPT

Software startup, Mazzuma, has unveiled its premier developer tool, MazzumaGPT. This artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool is set to revolutionize the way developers create smart contract code for Web3 decentralized applications (dApps).

Fintech has emerged as a dynamic sector in Africa, handling a substantial volume of transactions across the continent. With over 600 million registered mobile money accounts, Africa is ripe for the integration of blockchain technology through Web3. However, the continent grapples with a significant shortage of Web3 developers, primarily due to the steep learning curve associated with Web3 programming languages.

Despite housing a plethora of skilled Web2 developers, Africa finds transitioning to Web3 challenging due to the more complex and technical nature of the programming languages involved. This difficulty is exacerbated by insufficient resources and regulatory support in many African countries.

Having been a key player in Africa's fintech landscape for over seven years, Mazzuma aims to foster Web3's technological advancement on the continent. The company has leveraged AI, blockchain tools, and payment APIs to create MazzumaGPT, a tool designed to streamline the process of developing decentralized applications (dApps). The tool employs AI to aid developers in generating smart contracts for their payment solutions.

According to Mazzuma's co-founder, Kofi Genfi, "We are very passionate about developer tools and are committed to creating a seamless experience for developers to build and deploy applications with ease."

Although AI tools for developers, like ChatGPT, Github Copilot, and Bard, are gaining traction, MazzumaGPT distinguishes itself by its specific tuning for Web3 code, enhancing its accuracy for blockchain use cases. The tool integrates Web3 programming languages such as Solidity and Plutus, enabling developers to generate smart contract code effortlessly using natural language prompts. With MazzumaGPT, fully functional web3 protocols can be developed for only $1.99, making it highly accessible and cost-efficient.

MazzumaGPT has already established partnerships with Coinbase and Cardano and has over 10,000 developers on its waitlist.

About Mazzuma:

Mazzuma is a software innovation firm specializing in developer tools for payments and remittances, AI, and Blockchain infrastructure for developers creating Web3 solutions. Mazzuma currently serves over 400,000 customers and has processed more than $150 million in transactional volume, marking it as a significant player in Africa's fintech landscape.