Skip to content Pioneering Blockchain Transaction Content Certification with New European Patent secures a European patent for its innovative blockchain transaction content certification method, promising to generate €30 million in additional SaaS revenue. The patented method aims to bolster trustworthiness in the blockchain industry. Wins European Patent for Blockchain Certification

Spanish tech company has achieved a significant milestone by securing a European patent for its Method for Certifying the Content of Blockchain Transactions. Valid for 20 years, the patent could potentially generate €30 million in additional revenue in the Software as a Service (SaaS) segment.

The patent addresses a pressing issue in the blockchain industry: the reliability of content. It introduces an innovative way to immutably record messaging data on a blockchain ledger, boosting traceability and trust. acts as a trusted intermediary between the blockchain and the certification system. This role allows the company to feed real-world data into blockchain-based smart contracts, creating a tamper-proof, transparent record of messaging activity.

The patented method facilitates the use of smart contracts to record and access external data like message transmission details. This innovation has the potential to change how trust is built in the digital economy, according to CEO Sisco Sapena. is a leader in the European electronic signature, notification, and contracting industry. The patent marks its 302nd worldwide and is part of the company's ongoing growth strategy, which emphasizes R&D and internationalization.

The European patent not only enhances's intellectual property portfolio but also presents a revolutionary approach to boosting reliability and trust in blockchain transactions. The company looks set to benefit significantly from this innovation, both in terms of financial gains and industry influence.

Stay tuned for more updates on how plans to leverage this patent in its international growth strategy.