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Indigo Protocol Boosts Cardano Throughput Using Smart Contract Integration

Indigo Protocol announces advancements in Cardano's throughput optimization via smart contract updates. Learn how the latest phase, Aiken, brings in more efficiency.

Indigo Protocol Enhances Cardano Throughput with Aiken

Indigo Protocol has announced its mission to optimize throughput for Cardano, one of the leading platforms in the blockchain industry. This comes after the protocol went through several development phases, the latest of which is called Aiken.

Indigo began its journey with PlutusTx, a foundational layer, which was later enhanced by Plutonomy. These formed the groundwork for Indigo Protocol v1. Aiken, the latest phase, aims to improve simplicity, reliability, and implementation.

Aiken stands out for its focus on performance metrics like CDP – Open Position, CDP – Liquidate, Stability Pool Adjust, Stake INDY, and Vote on Governance Protocol. Lower percentages in these metrics mean the smart contract consumes fewer resources, which leads to more efficient transactions, a better user experience, and lower fees.

Cardano is at the forefront of blockchain technology, and it is crucial for its ecosystem to evolve in line with the increasing number of users and applications. Aiken seems to be a leap towards a more efficient Cardano ecosystem.

Indigo Protocol has been open-source for several months now. This has fostered a robust community of developers contributing to a growing and secure ecosystem.

Although Aiken is a significant update, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Indigo Protocol plans to share more updates and features in upcoming announcements.

Indigo hints at a future where the Cardano ecosystem is not just about throughput but a range of advanced features. Some of these were initially planned for v1 but have now been reinstated in the Aiken development phase.

Aiken is not just a technical upgrade; it's a vision of a more efficient and user-friendly Cardano ecosystem. With lower fees and improved performance, Cardano stands to gain a lot from this development, and so do its users.