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Horizen Partners with Band Protocol to Deliver Decentralized Oracle Services for EON

The groundbreaking partnership between Horizen and Band Protocol, aiming to infuse decentralized oracle services into EON, Horizen's latest EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, thereby accelerating DeFi, gaming, and NFT applications.

Horizen, a pioneering layer 0 public blockchain, has announced a strategic partnership with Band Protocol, a leading cross-chain data oracle platform. This partnership will provide real-time price feeds and dependable data for EON, Horizen's new Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible smart contracting platform. The collaboration will introduce decentralized oracle services to the rapidly expanding EON ecosystem, catering to a myriad of use cases, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi), gaming, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

EON, Horizen's fully EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, is the first in a series of smart contract sidechains on the Horizen ecosystem. With Band Protocol's flagship oracle solution, EON gains access to real-time price feeds for tokens across different blockchains, supplying a secure and trustworthy data source as it continues to develop its DeFi, gaming, and NFT ecosystem.

Band Protocol integrates and aggregates real-world data and APIs with smart contracts, enabling the construction of smart contract applications on EON without a centralized oracle's single point of failure. This integration will facilitate developers to expand their smart contract capabilities on EON.

Rob Viglione, Co-Founder and CEO of Horizen Labs, stated, "Our partnership with Band Protocol marks a significant step towards our goal of providing a secure and scalable ecosystem for decentralized applications. Their reliable oracle services will broaden the potential of smart contracts on EON, empowering developers to design innovative solutions for DeFi, gaming, and NFTs."

Sireethorn Satchatippavarn, CSO of Band Protocol, added, "We are thrilled to integrate with Horizen, delivering decentralized oracle services to their EON ecosystem. With Band Protocol's robust and secure oracle solution, we equip Horizen EON with real-time price feeds and trusted data for smart contracts. This collaboration will pave the way for new possibilities for DeFi, gaming, and NFT applications, fostering a more resilient and decentralized blockchain ecosystem."

Horizen EON is currently operational on its permanent public testnet, Gobi, supported by a suite of products, integrations, and tools, including Band Protocol. The partnership between Horizen and Band Protocol primes the EON ecosystem to welcome a plethora of dApps and services in the forthcoming months.

The fusion of EON's EVM compatibility, Horizen's zero-knowledge enabled cross-chain protocol, and Band Protocol's decentralized oracle services promises to construct a permissionless, interoperable, and customizable blockchain ecosystem for developers and users alike.

About Horizen

Horizen is a layer 0 public blockchain that facilitates the zero-knowledge network of blockchains, powered by the largest node system and a highly scalable cross-chain protocol, Zendoo. Horizen offers tools for developers to create custom-build private or public blockchains and dApps with unmatched flexibility.

About Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform aspiring to build top-tier suites of web3 development products. Its flagship oracle solution aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts, allowing on-chain smart contract applications without a centralized oracle's single point of failure. Band Protocol enjoys the backing of stakeholders like Sequoia Capital and Binance.