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DeCipher by Bunzz: Revolutionizing Smart Contract Documentation with AI

Bunzz PTE LTD's new tool, DeCipher, leverages advanced AI to analyze and generate documentation from smart contracts, simplifying and accelerating the blockchain development process.

Singapore-based tech company Bunzz PTE LTD is set to launch "DeCipher," an innovative tool designed to simplify and accelerate the process of generating documentation from smart contracts. DeCipher uses advanced AI models ChatGPT3.5 and 4, specifically optimized to analyze smart contracts, to provide precise and effective documentation. Its launch is eagerly awaited by over 2,000 users who have already registered on the waitlist.

The DeCipher tool works by allowing developers to generate documentation simply by inputting the contract's URL. Users can access DeCipher directly through the Bunzz Chrome Extension, compatible with popular Block Explorers like Etherscan. Furthermore, developers can modify contracts using the Bunzz CLI after analysis, and with the Bunzz VS Code Extension, they can deploy to all EVM-compatible blockchains.

By offering a comprehensive solution for smart contract analysis, modification, and deployment, DeCipher is poised to revolutionize the blockchain development process, particularly for developers planning to create new applications by forking existing DApps. With its unique fine-tuning approach currently under patent processing, DeCipher reaffirms Bunzz's commitment to leading-edge technology.