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Coinbase Prime Introduces New Web3 Wallet.

Coinbase Prime debuts its Web3 Wallet, revolutionizing institutional access to crypto, dapps, and DeFi. Dive into seamless integration and unparalleled security.

Coinbase Prime Unveils the Web3 Wallet Experience

Coinbase Prime breaks new ground with the introduction of its institutional-grade Web3 Wallet. As a digital asset management titan, we remain at the forefront of merging security with unparalleled utility. Today, we expand this legacy, offering institutional and enterprise clientele a secure onchain gateway through our innovative Web3 Wallet.

Thanks to the advanced MPC technology and non-custodial wallet design, our clients can:

  • Securely store tokens from various networks, even those not on Prime Custody yet.
  • Enjoy rapid access to their financial resources.
  • Engage directly with decentralized apps and smart contracts.
  • Access decentralized markets to trade a vast array of assets.
  • Participate in DAO governance voting.
  • Lend or stake assets with a direct connection to DeFi platforms.
  • Efficiently purchase, offload, create, and manage NFT portfolios.
  • Seamlessly handle web3 social media accounts.

The surge in institutional demand for direct and safeguarded access to web3 and DeFi hasn't gone unnoticed. Yet, finding reliable access has been a maze for many. Before our Web3 Wallet, numerous institutions grappled with an array of disjointed solutions for web3 access. Our Web3 Wallet is the game-changer, offering a streamlined path to web3.

No more hassle. With your existing Prime account, set up and utilize your web3 wallet, ensuring access to any dapp and tokens from our vast network. Transfer funds between your custodial wallets and your Web3 Wallet with just a few actions.

With Coinbase Prime, dive into the web3 sphere effortlessly. Secure direct access to DeFi and web3 under the umbrella of the crypto world's most reputable brand. Bypass the complications of working with multiple providers, countless third-party agreements, and their accompanying costs.

We pride ourselves on delivering a consistent user and data experience. Easily track your institution's web3 undertakings and effortlessly reconcile transactions.

Coinbase Prime's Web3 Wallet isn't just an upgrade—it's a transformation. We invite you to experience the future of institutional crypto access, all under one roof.