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Chiliz (CHZ) Announces Smart Contract Upgrades Amidst Remarkable Achievements

Sports blockchain giant Chiliz unveils two significant smart contract upgrades. These changes come as the Chiliz chain celebrates major milestones post-mainnet launch.

Chiliz (CHZ) Rolls Out Crucial Smart Contract Upgrades

Gear up, blockchain enthusiasts! Chiliz (CHZ), the pioneer in sports blockchain, has dropped some tantalizing hints about game-changing upgrades to its smart contracts. As per a recent tweet, two transformative proposals are on the horizon.

The initial proposal aims to refine contracts, allowing factory contracts to be deployed seamlessly without necessitating whitelisting. However, the initial deployment of the factory contract would still require a whitelisted touch. The sequel upgrade is laser-focused on enhancing the staking pool contract. This arises due to issues with inaccurate voting power displays and miscalculations in the delegated amounts. A heads-up for users: expect a brief downtime on delegated features during this transition.

While the suspense builds around these proposals, Chiliz has been bustling with accomplishments. Launched in May, the Chiliz chain—a revolutionary blockchain for sports and entertainment—has skyrocketed since its mainnet inception. The stats are jaw-dropping: 1.6 billion transactions, an arsenal of 200,000 wallet addresses, and a staggering 5 million blocks!

Yet, a quick glance at the ticker shows CHZ's price dipping slightly by 1.09% to a modest $0.078. Though 2023 has seen many achievements for Chiliz, the price trajectory seems somewhat subdued. Engulfed in range trading since June, CHZ awaits a robust push to break free from its lateral movement. Only time will unveil what's next for this sports blockchain behemoth!