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Cardano Financial Smart Contracts Platform Marlowe Now Available on Mainnet

Cardano's Marlowe financial smart contracts platform is now live on the mainnet, allowing early adopters to test and provide feedback.

Marlowe Financial Smart Contracts Platform Live on Cardano

Input Output Global (IOG), the builder of Cardano, has announced the launch of Marlowe, a platform for financial smart contracts, on the Cardano mainnet. The launch allows early adopters to test the platform and provide feedback.

Marlowe allows users to create and deploy smart contracts on Cardano and is available for pre-production and preview testing environments. The platform complements other languages and tools available on Cardano, providing a toolkit for creating, deploying, and monetizing smart contracts.

Blockchain technology firm Tweag has audited Marlowe, both internally and externally, ensuring a secure environment for contract use on the mainnet. The audit report is set to be published soon. Marlowe is particularly useful for the Web3 community and newcomers as it does not require specialized programming skills to rapidly prototype and launch smart contracts.

The Marlowe Playground, a plug-and-play smart contract builder, provides a simulator environment for testing contracts before deploying them on the mainnet with real funds. The platform is built on Plutus and compatible with JavaScript and Haskell, allowing seamless integration of smart contracts into decentralized applications (dApps).

Rick McCracken DIGI, a Cardano SPO, expressed optimism about the launch of Marlowe, seeing it as a potential game-changer for Cardano. He is particularly interested in hearing feedback from non-programmers and financial experts who can use Marlowe to write financial smart contracts.