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BoaBot by COZ: Revolutionizing Neo N3 Smart Contract Development

COZ unveils BoaBot, an AI-powered tool aiding Neo N3 developers in crafting Python smart contracts, with a focus on neo3-boa compiler queries.

COZ's BoaBot: A New AI Assistant for Neo N3 Python Smart Contract Developers

COZ has recently taken a significant stride in the world of smart contract development by launching BoaBot, a unique AI tool. Designed especially for Neo N3 developers, this innovative bot simplifies the process of crafting Python smart contracts. It acts as a reliable assistant, providing instant answers and guidance, mainly centered around the neo3-boa compiler – a tool crucial for translating Python code into the NeoVM contract bytecode.

Available for beta testing, developers can access BoaBot via the #develop channel on COZ's Discord. The procedure is straightforward: after joining the COZ Discord community, users can summon BoaBot by merely tagging @BoaBot in their messages within the designated channel.

Though BoaBot’s core expertise lies in addressing neo3-boa compiler-specific queries, it's versatile enough to answer basic questions related to other components of Neo. However, COZ has transparently mentioned that these peripheral services are not BoaBot's primary focus. Hence, while the bot can respond to such questions, the accuracy might fluctuate.

This innovative service is a testament to COZ's commitment to fostering an efficient and informed developer community around Neo N3. It's not just about offering a solution but also about refining it continuously. COZ actively encourages users to share feedback, ensuring that BoaBot evolves and serves the community even better in the future. And the best part? This avant-garde service comes at no cost, further emphasizing COZ's dedication to supporting the Neo N3 developer community.