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Binance's Proactive Measures: Launch of Smart Contract for Xirtam Rug Pull Recovery

Following the Xirtam rug pull incident, Binance introduces an automated smart contract for affected users to claim refunds. The move showcases the exchange's commitment to user security.

Binance's Launched Smart Contract for Xirtam Rug Pull Recovery

In a move to prioritize user security, Binance, the leading crypto exchange, has unveiled an automated smart contract designed to facilitate refunds for users impacted by the Xirtam rug pull. This strategic decision aids those affected in recouping their losses seamlessly.

To claim their refund, users can integrate their wallets with Etherscan. After successfully passing the requisite verification checks, they can invoke the claim function using the designated contract address. However, it's crucial to note that only those who lodged their applications by August 2 are deemed eligible for this recovery initiative.

Addressing the community, Binance stated,"We have been inundated with reports surrounding the XIRTAM incidents and wish to underscore our cognizance of the issue's gravity." The exchange further elucidated on their prompt action: “Upon becoming privy to these incidents, we immediately initiated an investigation and took decisive action. The funds, suspected of fraudulence, are now under lock and key within the Binance platform. We earnestly request your continued patience and comprehension as we navigate and resolve this predicament.