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Band Protocol Partners with Bitgert: Evolving DeFi with Real-World Data

Band Protocol integrates Bitgert on its mainnet, enabling developers to leverage real-world data for smart contracts. Explore this breakthrough in DeFi!

Band Protocol, the cross-chain data oracle protocol, has recently integrated Bitgert, a leading crypto-engineering platform, on its mainnet. Bitgert, known for its groundbreaking blockchain-related products, aims to advance the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). This integration signifies a significant development in blockchain technology, as Bitgert's chain goes live on Band Protocol's mainnet.

In an announcement on its official Twitter account, Bitgert highlighted the significance of this integration, emphasizing that the backbone of many technologies, including IoT, AI, and AI-enabled trading and chatbots, is data. This data is derived from real-life incidents and experiences, which can now be integrated into blockchain technology, thanks to Band Protocol.

Band Protocol allows developers to use real-world data for a wide array of applications, including sports, weather, and random numbers. With this data, developers can build custom oracles swiftly, leveraging Web Assembly to connect smart contracts with traditional web APIs.

Moreover, Band Protocol's latest integration with Bitgert will facilitate the connection between smart contracts and real-world data and APIs. Bitgert Chain, compatible with EVM-compatible smart contracts, is now available for developers. They can use real-world information to initiate smart contracts, marking an essential step in the evolution of DeFi.

This integration of Band Protocol and Bitgert illustrates the future of blockchain technology, where real-world data can be harnessed to optimize the functionality of smart contracts, thereby reshaping the DeFi landscape.