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Zilliqa Group Rebrands its Metaverse Initiative to 'MetaMinds'

Zilliqa Group's MetaMinds, previously known as Metapolis, unveils a new direction in the metaverse landscape under the leadership of Sandra Helou. This rebrand signifies a commitment to spatial web development and tailored metaverse solutions.

MetaMinds: Zilliqa Group’s Fresh Metaverse Endeavour

The Zilliqa Group, a conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates, has embarked on a strategic metamorphosis, launching its rejuvenated metaverse initiative – “MetaMinds.” This reshuffle is poised to redefine the metaverse spectrum, with metaverse visionary and Web3 innovator, Sandra Helou, steering the ship.

As MetaMinds’ newly minted CEO, Helou wields the leadership baton. Her concurrent role as the GCC Lead for Zilliqa Group's CEO Office further highlights the company’s robust faith in the region. Originally unveiled as “Metapolis” in Miami, MetaMinds has since anchored its roots in the UAE. The rebranding encapsulates the company’s pivot towards pioneering spatial web solutions, mirroring their consultative strategy in customizing metaverse experiences.

Max Kantelia, Zilliqa Group’s co-founder, exudes confidence in the metaverse's untapped potential. Despite some industry skepticism, Zilliqa believes in the transformative promise of the metaverse. MetaMinds embodies this sentiment, aiming to align technological prowess with consumer aspirations, carving a niche as a metaverse innovator. It aspires to manifest the metaverse’s tangible potential as a spatial web medium.

Employing avant-garde spatial web tools, MetaMinds crafts immersive metaverse narratives, heralding a new age of user interaction. As the trailblazing Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider, it offers a versatile design powered by a unified infrastructure and product suite, enabling customized metaverse journeys for various user demographics.

MetaMinds is firmly anchored in principles of scalability, cross-platform harmony, and peak performance, setting its sights on addressing the challenges plaguing current metaverse development. The platform assures unparalleled security, mandating comprehensive user screening and authentication. To overcome existing pricing barriers and promote wider engagement, MetaMinds introduces a subscription-centric revenue blueprint.