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Immutable Preps for zkEVM Mainnet Debut, Setting the Stage for a Web3 Gaming Evolution Next Year

Immutable reveals its roadmap for zkEVM mainnet launch, poised to redefine Ethereum-based gaming with over 50 games already onboard.

Immutable zkEVM: Ushering a New Era in Ethereum Gaming

Immutable, a leading web3 gaming platform, has shared its exciting roadmap for the impending mainnet launch of Immutable zkEVM, positioning itself to dominate gaming on the Ethereum network.

Aiming to redefine gaming experiences, boost revenue engines, and amplify developer interactions, Immutable is set to officially introduce its zkEVM mainnet in the early part of the upcoming year.

The recent debut of Immutable's zkEVM Testnet has already created ripples in the gaming world, with numerous projects clamoring to leverage its offerings. Testament to its allure, over 50 games have officially expressed their intent to integrate with Immutable zkEVM.

The roadmap sheds light on a pivotal technical overhaul for Immutable zkEVM, setting the stage for the much-anticipated mainnet unveiling. This metamorphosis will transition the platform from the Polygon Edge to Geth. This shift aims to further intertwine Immutable zkEVM with Ethereum, ensuring seamless compatibility with Ethereum's expansive tooling ecosystem.

With the testnet already live, it's gained significant traction, witnessing activity from over 20,000 addresses and processing in excess of 100,000 transactions. Developers are visibly enthusiastic about the opportunities Immutable offers. Another Testnet Re-Genesis is also on the horizon, slated for next month.

The zenith of this roadmap is, without a doubt, the launch of the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, which is eagerly awaited by the gaming community. This event, set between December and January, will commence with a selective invitation to developers before gradually welcoming the broader public, marking a transformative phase for Ethereum-centric gaming.

2024 promises to be another landmark year for Immutable. The project envisions the release of dedicated application chains, harnessing the same technological prowess as Immutable zkEVM but offering unparalleled customization. These chains are aimed at guaranteeing optimal liquidity, user accessibility, and heightened security. Also, on the 2024 horizon is the introduction of zk-prover, a trustless bridge seamlessly connecting Ethereum with Immutable zkEVM.

With its testnet operational, all eyes are on Immutable as it gears up for its mainnet debut, heralding a new chapter in the gaming world.