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Pushing Web3 Usability Forward: Oasis and SYNTHR Collaborate to Launch syROSE

Oasis, in partnership with SYNTHR, introduces syROSE—a synthetic version of its ROSE token. Experience amplified liquidity and Web3 interoperability like never before.

Oasis Launches syROSE: Pioneering Omnichain Utility in Web3

In a game-changing move, the Oasis community is set to redefine the boundaries of Web3 usability. Enter syROSE, a synthetic replica of Oasis's native ROSE token, poised to revolutionize liquidity and interoperability in the crypto domain.

Anticipation peaks as Oasis announces syROSE, marking a monumental enhancement in token dynamics. Beyond mere functionality, this innovation heralds a new age of amplified liquidity on illumineX, Oasis Sapphire’s trailblazing DEX. All thanks to a strategic partnership with the synthetic omnichain asset pioneer, SYNTHR.

SYNTHR is no ordinary entity. With a legacy of pioneering synthetic omnichain assets on platforms like Ethereum, Arbitrium, Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Chain, SYNTHR stands tall. Their mission? A world where every Web3 aficionado experiences unparalleled omni-chain liquidity, devoid of slippage.

At its core, synthetic assets reimagine token usability, ushering in avenues for asset holders to seamlessly interact with dApps across ecosystems. With SYNTHR at the helm, challenges like fragmented liquidity are a thing of the past, ensuring smooth, capital-efficient operations.

The birth of syROSE is not merely a token transformation. It’s a gateway for Oasis users to swiftly integrate with diverse ecosystems. Post syROSE's launch, ROSE enthusiasts can easily swap their tokens for their synthetic counterpart, thanks to SYNTHR’s expertise ensuring instantaneous swaps without slippage.

With syROSE, Web3 aficionados can:

  1. Boost multi-chain returns via syROSE-ROSE pair contributions on illumineX.
  2. Seamlessly swap synthetic pairs on SYNTHR’s state-of-the-art, slippage-free DEX.
  3. Craft resilient synthetic assets, backed by ETH, USDC, and USDT.
  4. Explore pricing for non-Oasis assets like UNI, CVX, and CRV.

While syROSE’s launch is a milestone, the SYNTHR and Oasis camaraderie extends beyond. Their collaborative essence, ingrained deeply with tools like illumineX, promises to keep pushing boundaries. The shared vision? An enhanced omnichain potential for ROSE in the times to come.