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Sweat Economy Partners with Orderly Network to Amplify Cryptocurrency Trading Experience

Sweat Economy collaborates with Orderly Network, melding fitness incentives with streamlined cryptocurrency trading.

Sweat Economy Partners with Orderly Network: Fitness Meets Cryptocurrency

The creators of Sweatcoin and Sweat Wallet, Sweat Economy, have made waves by aligning with Orderly Network. This collaboration seeks to incorporate an omnichain order book setup to revolutionize Sweat Wallet's cryptocurrency trading functionalities.

Orderly Network, with its technological acumen, has been handpicked by Sweat Wallet to bolster its in-app cryptocurrency exchanges. The aspiration? Seamlessly fuse Web2 and Web3 tech to deliver an unparalleled crypto trading journey for both novices and aficionados.

Together, Sweat Wallet and Orderly Network are dedicated to presenting a trading environment that combines user custody and the transparency and accessibility of decentralized finance. With this union, the boundaries between Web2 and Web3 blur, ushering users into a futuristic digital business landscape.

The Sweat Economy, spanning both Web2 and Web3, boasts a whopping 140 million-strong user base. Notably, Sweat Wallet claims nearly 7.5 million of these users on Web3. The platform’s success as a cryptocurrency dApp is undeniable. With a record-breaking cryptocurrency governance vote featuring over 355,000 participants under their belt, Sweat Economy is poised to integrate the strengths of Orderly Network.

The integration with Sweat Wallet holds potential to significantly amplify Orderly Network's transaction throughput. Eager to join forces with Sweat Economy, Orderly Network's mission aligns in assisting individuals transition smoothly into the realm of cryptocurrency. Arjun, Orderly Network’s COO, expressed his exhilaration for the partnership, underscoring the mutual objective of cryptocurrency assimilation.

Economy, at its core, envisions galvanizing a worldwide movement economy – rewarding individuals for consistent physical activity. With the infusion of cryptocurrency trading, users now have the means to effortlessly exchange cryptocurrencies. Oleg Fomenko, Sweat Economy's co-founder, lauded Orderly Network's innovative approach, emphasizing the shared dream of monetizing physical activity and democratizing crypto access.

The convergence of Sweat Economy's ideology and Orderly Network's trading framework paints a future where health, currency, and innovation intertwine. By integrating cryptocurrency into daily routines, its reach has broadened to more users than ever.

In a nutshell, the partnership between Sweat Economy and Orderly Network signifies an exciting leap towards making cryptocurrency trading accessible, intuitive, and intertwined with the world of fitness.