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Zed Run’s Latest Race: Immediate Thrills with Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments!

Join Zed Run's thrilling Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments this September. No qualification, just immediate racing and rewards!

Zed Run Unveils Sit ‘n’ Go: NFT Racing Revolution!

Ready, set, race! The digital racetrack's latest sensation, Zed Run, is reinventing how we engage with the Web3 horse racing world. With its latest offering - the sit ‘n’ go tournaments - Zed Run ensures every equestrian aficionado can be part of the adrenaline rush come September, no qualifiers required!

A Quick Gallop into the Action

Time constraints? No problem! Zed Run's novel feature is a dream come true for those on-the-go. Forget prolonged qualifications; make your bet, and watch your majestic NFT horse dash towards victory.

The Triple Tiered Tournament

Variety spices up the race! Zed Run’s new tournaments come in three thrilling flavors:

  1. The Sprint - For just $2.5, 192 horses gallop through three gripping rounds, with the top trio from each claiming their prizes.
  2. The Chase - At $5, 48 stallions vie over three rounds, with a more substantial reward awaiting the top six.
  3. The Duel - The elite race: 16 champions, four nail-biting rounds, and a ‘winner takes all’ drama at $15 an entry.

The Legacy of Zed Run

Zed Run’s meteoric rise since its 2019 inception is nothing short of legendary. It's not just a game; it's a global arena where NFT enthusiasts wield their digital steeds, racing for crypto-riches.

Inclusivity at its Best

While its core essence remains elite, Zed Run ensures inclusivity with the Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments. They're crafting avenues for everyone, irrespective of time and expertise, to experience the future of racing.