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YGG Revolutionizes Gaming at the Web3 Community Summit with New Opportunities and Web3 Games

Yield Guild Games (YGG) reveals new Web3 games and job opportunities at the Web3 Community Summit, propelling the global decentralized gaming community forward.

Web3 Summit: YGG Introduces New Games and Jobs

Yield Guild Games (YGG), the world's leading decentralized gaming guild network, recently hosted the Web3 Community Summit, an event that brought together game industry leaders, content creators, and community enthusiasts. The Summit served as a platform to demonstrate upcoming Web3 games, conduct upskilling workshops, and spur insightful discussions to further bolster the flourishing Web3 community.

Co-presented by Globe, the Official Connectivity Partner, and GCrypto, the Official Crypto Offramp Partner, the Summit enabled over a thousand YGG community members to preview and experience new Web3 games, including Gensokishi, Metacene, Mighty Action Heroes, SingSing, and the layer one platform, XPLA. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to apply for over 100 job positions within the Web3 sector, facilitated by Web3 Jobs Asia.

YGG's co-founder, Gabby Dizon, commended the community's unwavering passion for Web3. Despite market conditions, Dizon highlighted the continued engagement and growth within the Web3 space. He emphasized the importance of having an informed and empowered community ready to guide newcomers when the bull market resurfaces.

Since its inception in 2020, YGG's objective has been to support and empower local Web3 communities. It has strived to provide deeper insights into Web3 participation and equip members with necessary knowledge for maximizing opportunities in the metaverse. Web3 Metaversity, YGG's education and upskilling program, plays an instrumental role in this endeavor.

According to Dizon, many Filipinos introduced to Web3 via gaming now form an integral part of YGG's core community. He shared his enthusiasm for future developments, including more Web3 games and tokenomics and reward system experimentations.

YGG facilitates community growth and engagement with initiatives like the Guild Advancement Program. This program allows members to earn tokens and badges for their on-chain resumes by participating in the guild's various activities. The newly launched SuperQuests program is designed to familiarize new users with Web3 games while they play.

YGG is also gearing up for the upcoming Web3 Games Summit in November, a global event featuring a conference, esports tournament, hackathon, and more.

YGG is committed to establishing the Philippines' strong presence in the global Web3 landscape. Dizon confidently claimed, "If you look at any game, the top guilds there are all from YGG. We’re looking forward to showing the world why the best Web3 players in the world are coming from the Philippines."

About Yield Guild Games: YGG is the largest network of decentralized gaming guilds, focusing on blockchain games and web3 education. With roots in the Philippines and a global network of subDAOs, YGG supports an ever-growing community of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. The guild provides upskilling opportunities and helps its members succeed in the open Metaverse.