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Xterio Collaborates with Particle Network to Speed Up the Development of the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Xterio joins hands with Particle Network to redefine the future of Web3 gaming. This strategic collaboration aims to create an enhanced, seamless ecosystem for gamers with a focus on digital asset ownership.

Xterio and Particle Network

In a landmark move for the burgeoning Web3 gaming market, game publisher Xterio has announced a strategic partnership with Particle Network. Their collaboration aims to set new standards in the Web3 gaming landscape, emphasizing player ownership and rapid game development.

Xterio has raised an impressive $50 million to fuel its innovative ecosystem. The funds will empower players with true ownership rights and foster the development of Web3-native gaming universes that defy traditional platform limitations.

The partnership between Xterio and Particle Network has already showcased its potential by achieving a near-perfect uptime rate of 99.99%, a critical factor in user satisfaction. Additionally, Xterio has shattered industry norms by bringing new games to market in just 90 days or less.

Transitioning users from Web2 to Web3 platforms requires expertise in areas like Web3 wallet creation and secure cryptographic key management. Particle Network has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition, utilizing advanced technologies like Web2 Social Login and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) built on the BNB Chain.

This collaboration opens the door for "play-to-earn" models, turning gaming from a mere hobby into a potential income source. With blockchain ensuring data integrity, we can anticipate more intelligent, responsive, and challenging gaming environments, revolutionizing genres like strategy and role-playing games.

The Web3 gaming market is projected to reach a valuation of approximately $23.9 billion in 2023 and is expected to skyrocket to over $133 billion by 2033. Factors such as true asset ownership, cross-platform asset use, community involvement, and increased security are fueling this rapid growth.

As the Web3 gaming industry continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, the collaboration between Xterio and Particle Network marks a significant milestone. With their focus on user ownership, rapid development, and seamless experience, this partnership is poised to lead the way in setting the standards for the next generation of Web3 gaming.