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Xangle and Republic Crypto Forge Partnership to Boost Web3 Adoption in Korea

A strategic partnership between Xangle and Republic Crypto aims to accelerate Web3 adoption in Korea. The collaboration combines web3 data, intelligence and advisory expertise to empower enterprises.

Xangle, Republic Crypto to Accelerate Web3 Adoption

A strategic partnership has been forged between Xangle, South Korea's leading web3 data and intelligence platform, and Republic Crypto, a top US-based advisory firm. The collaboration is set to bolster web3 adoption in Korea and beyond.

Xangle has been primarily focusing on providing web3 data, intelligence, and advisory services to Korean enterprises, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions about web3 strategy and its integration into their business models. Through the strategic partnership with Republic Crypto, Xangle's clients can now tap into the firm’s web3 execution expertise, gaining access to a comprehensive toolkit that includes blockchain infrastructure setup, digital asset management, and tokenomics design, among other offerings.

This strategic collaboration positions Xangle and Republic Crypto as empowering agents for enterprises looking to adopt web3 technologies and seize opportunities in the evolving digital and financial landscape. Together, they enable businesses in Korea and other Asian tech hubs to expand into the decentralized frontier, leveraging the combined expertise and dedicated support from both companies.

James Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Xangle, sees the partnership with Republic Crypto as a significant milestone for the web3 industry in Asia. He expressed excitement about being at the forefront of onboarding the next wave of mainstream web3 adoption.

Echoing the sentiment, Bryan Myint, Co-Founder and Head of Republic Crypto’s web3 advisory division, showed enthusiasm about expanding their advisory presence in Asia and driving web3 adoption in collaboration with Xangle.

Xangle's mission is to foster sustainable growth and mass adoption of blockchain technology by providing comprehensive and granular insights on the blockchain industry by sector, thus enabling more informed decision-making.

Republic Crypto, a part of Republic, a global tech firm pioneering the digital transformation of finance, offers web3 advisory services, blockchain infrastructure, and digital asset management to the world’s most ambitious builders and investors.