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WEMIX Joins Mythos Foundation to Advance Web3 Gaming Standardization

South Korean blockchain gaming giant, Wemade's WEMIX foundation, joins Mythos Foundation to aid in the standardization and advancement of Web3 gaming.

WEMIX Joins Mythos.

In a significant move for the Web3 gaming industry, leading South Korean blockchain gaming company Wemade has announced that its WEMIX foundation has officially joined the Mythos Foundation as a Subcommittee member. This collaboration is a major step towards advancing and standardizing Web3 gaming within the Mythos ecosystem.

Backed by US-based Web3 game studio Mythical Games, the Mythos Foundation has the support of numerous industry leaders, including WEMIX. With more than 20 governance partners, all prominent Web3 and game companies, the Mythos Foundation strives to stimulate collaboration and innovation in the burgeoning Web3 gaming space.

WEMIX will be part of the game subcommittee within the Mythos ecosystem, bringing its expertise and resources to the table to aid the growth and expansion of the Mythos chain via various governance activities.

This membership intensifies the strategic agreement established last year between Wemade and the Mythos Foundation. It signifies the importance of collective effort in the blockchain gaming industry, as these industry leaders unite their strengths, expertise, and resources to lead the standardization and advancement of Web3 gaming.