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Web3 Music Platform Hibiki Run Secures Million-Dollar Seed Funding

Hibiki Run, a Web3 digital music platform, secures a million-dollar seed funding, marking a pivotal moment in the Web3 music industry.

Hibiki Run Bags Million-Dollar Funding for Web3 Music

The music industry is on the brink of another significant transformation with the advent of Web3 technology. Web3 digital music platform Hibiki Run is taking center stage in this shift, having recently raised a million-dollar seed funding round. This investment, led by Synergis Capital, NEAR Foundation, and a range of other investors, represents a critical milestone for Hibiki Run and the burgeoning Web3 music sector.

Hibiki Run has struck a significant chord with investors in the music industry, raising a million dollars in seed funding for its innovative Web3 digital music project. The financial backing comes from a diverse group of institutional and individual investors, including Synergis Capital and NEAR Foundation, both recognized for their strategic tech investments. They're joined by BitMart, TKX Capital, and String Capital, all known for their investments in promising startups. Additionally, Gravity Venture Capital, a firm with a strong track record of successful tech investments, contributed to the round.

The funding pool also includes individual investors such as Yi Lu, co-founder of China’s popular social media platform, Weibo. Other significant contributors include AAG Ventures, FutureMoney Group, and more.

The funding will accelerate Hibiki Run's research and development, enabling it to refine its platform and deliver on its promise of a more equitable, engaging music ecosystem. The investment will also fuel the project's growth, helping Hibiki Run expand its user base, attract more artists, and increase its market presence.

Hibiki Run uses a unique approach to engage users. The platform incentivizes outdoor activities while listening to music crafted by Web3 artists by rewarding users with tokens. It also integrates NFTs in the form of artistically-designed headphones, unlocking multiple user scenarios and technical capabilities. This innovative combination of music, movement, and NFTs has boosted user engagement, with Hibiki Run seeing a significant increase in NFT holders, daily active users, and holders of rare NFTs within just five months of its launch.

Hibiki Run's vision is to transform the move-to-earn concept into a user-friendly, enjoyable, and accessible experience. The platform integrates various Web3 services, including wallet functionality and NFT marketplace trading. It also adds value to its unique headphone NFTs, which are both profile pictures and integral parts of the Web3 music community, ensuring the project's long-term sustainability.