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Web3 Leaders Kana Labs and Intella X Team Up to Revolutionize Gaming Infrastructure

Web3 leaders, Kana Labs and Intella X, announce a strategic partnership to enhance Web3 gaming infrastructure. Their combined expertise promises to create a seamless and user-friendly Web3 gaming experience.

Kana Labs & Intella X to Reinvent Web3 Gaming Infrastructure

Kana Labs and Intella X, two titans in the Web3 sphere, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the Web3 gaming platform. Intella X, a next-generation Web3 gaming platform provider, is committed to setting new standards by offering proprietary services that continually reward game developers and gamers. Meanwhile, Kana Labs is a Web3 and Blockchain infrastructure specialist renowned for simplifying the DeFi & GameFi ecosystem, making it more accessible to both new and existing users and developers.

Intella X’s ecosystem is meticulously designed to deliver a seamless Web3 gaming experience for both Web2 and Web3 users. Their goal is to offer high-quality games and employ a set of unique products and services to create a contributor-centric environment, thereby encouraging user engagement and ecosystem growth.

Conversely, Kana Labs stands out in the market as the only service provider to combine both non-EVM and EVM chains under a single platform. Their toolkit allows dApps to gain instant multi-chain capabilities, demonstrating their expertise in liquidity and cross-chain bridging middleware.

Together, Kana Labs and Intella X plan to develop a highly accessible Web3 gaming infrastructure to provide users with a seamless Web3 gaming experience. The partnership will blend Intexlla X’s thriving Web3 gaming ecosystem, complete with a range of high-quality games, with Kana Labs’ smart wallet SDK. This unique amalgamation aims to drive revolutionary changes in the Web3 gaming industry.

Karthik Subramaniam, CEO of Kana Labs, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are extremely thrilled to have Intellax use our AA infrastructure to power their games. This partnership will likely be a trendsetter for the web3 gaming industry."

On the same note, Sungjin Ko, CEO of Intella X, said, "Kana Labs is at the forefront of offering advanced blockchain infrastructure, and Intella X is excited to partner with them. We look forward to providing our users with a more seamless Web3 gaming experience."

In essence, this collaboration represents a significant stride towards widespread blockchain technology adoption and a paradigm shift in the Web3 gaming industry.