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CertiK and CrossAngle Team Up for Enhanced Web3 Security and Clarity

Web3 leaders, CertiK and CrossAngle, come together in a strategic partnership. With their combined strengths in security and data analytics, they aim to set new benchmarks in Web3's security and knowledge base.

CertiK and CrossAngle: Raising the Bar for Web3 Security and Transparency

In a momentous move for the Web3 world, CertiK, known for its Web3 security expertise, and CrossAngle, the data intelligence powerhouse behind the Xangle platform, are collaborating to uplift the Web3 ecosystem’s security and data transparency standards.

The alliance has ushered in several notable initiatives:

  1. CrossAngle will host CertiK’s analytical research reports on the Xangle platform. Available in both English and Korean, these reports are designed to demystify the crypto realm, aiding in the global adoption of Web3 technologies.
  2. CertiK will harness the potential of Xangle’s vast API data, offering users comprehensive insights. This integration covers a multitude of data facets, from market prices to research reports.
  3. CertiK is set to provide Xangle with security data from Skynet, its renowned security dashboard, bringing its wide-ranging insights on over 10,000 Web3 platforms to the forefront.

Jason Jiang of CertiK voiced his excitement about the alliance, emphasizing its potential to lay the groundwork for a more transparent and informed Web3 realm. Jiang’s sentiments were mirrored by Jake Lim of Xangle, who sees the collaboration as a conduit to fast-track the large-scale adoption of Web3 innovations.

At its core, this partnership underscores the shared ambition of CertiK and CrossAngle: creating a Web3 ecosystem that’s not only secure but also incredibly user-centric. Both entities are working towards a digital environment where participants can access reliable data and insights, ensuring that their Web3 journey is as smooth and safe as possible.

With the digital domain constantly in flux, collaborations of this nature are vital. They serve as building blocks, paving the way for a Web3 ecosystem that is more secure, transparent, and accessible to all.