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Transforming Web3 Gaming: Wemade Joins Forces with Chainlink Labs for Groundbreaking Innovations

Wemade and Chainlink Labs collaborate, leveraging Chainlink's CCIP to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape.

Wemade and Chainlink Labs: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Gaming

Making Waves in the World of Web3 GamingWemade, a pioneer in gaming technology, and Chainlink Labs are joining hands, aiming to revolutionize the Web3 gaming sector. Their combined force focuses on harnessing Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to foster seamless gaming experiences across different chains.

The Power of Chainlink’s CCIP in unagi(x)Wemade has decisively integrated Chainlink's CCIP into its unagi(x) engine, which is the driving force behind their extensive omnichain project, unagi. This union solidifies Chainlink Labs' role as not just a tech ally, but also an esteemed member of COURT (Certified Organizations for Unagi Round Table). COURT's mission? Merging research, innovation, and evolution to create a harmonized omnichain realm.

Breaking Barriers with COURT and ChainlinkTogether, COURT and Chainlink are on a mission to remove cross-chain obstacles, ushering in a new age of Web3 gaming. Their arsenal includes tools like 'una Wallet' and 'una Scan', aiming to offer users a fluid blockchain experience, connecting once-isolated blockchain platforms and ensuring smooth cross-chain interactions.

Shared Dreams and VisionsHenry Chang, the visionary CEO of Wemade, shed light on their mutual goal of weaving together various blockchains. He remarked, "With Chainlink Labs, we’re focusing on a shared vision: crafting a user-focused Web3 gaming universe, all through the capabilities of Chainlink CCIP."

Unwavering Trust in Chainlink’s Security MeasuresWemade's choice of Chainlink CCIP is a nod to its reputation as the world's safest cross-chain communication method. The Risk Management Network backs CCIP, ensuring an added layer of protection in a sector notorious for past vulnerabilities.

Welcoming the Future with EnthusiasmSergey Nazarov, Chainlink’s Co-Founder, expressed his excitement, stating, "Chainlink CCIP is about to bring a transformative era of cross-chain gameplay.” He's confident that this alliance will accelerate the adoption of Web3 gaming, presenting Wemade with a robust cross-chain solution.

In essence, this collaboration between Wemade and Chainlink Labs isn’t just about technological advancements; it's about crafting a new dawn in Web3 gaming, where user engagement reaches new heights.