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SuperDuper Joins Forces with Immutable for Overlord: The Web3 Gaming Revolution

Immutable and SuperDuper team up to bring Overlord, a real-time strategy game, to the Web3 gaming platform. Leveraging the popular Cold Blooded Creepz NFT collection, Overlord aims to reshape the digital landscape.

Immutable Partners with SuperDuper for Blockbuster Web3 Games

SuperDuper, the innovative studio behind the well-known Cold Blooded Creepz NFT collection, is collaborating with Immutable, the front-runner in the web3 gaming sphere, on an upcoming blockchain-based real-time strategy game, Overlord, powered by the Cold Blooded Creepz IP.

Having launched in January 2022, the Cold Blooded Creepz collection rapidly turned into a smashing NFT hit, achieving more than $220 million in total trading volume to date. This incredible success established it as the second most profitable brand in the web3 gaming realm in 2022, trailing only Axie Infinity.

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, enthused about SuperDuper's comprehensive approach to brand building. "We are confident that their strategy will play a significant role in the widespread adoption of web3, allowing us to introduce millions of new users to the world of blockchain gaming," Sorokovsky stated. Immutable is all set to provide their complete array of tools, frameworks, and services to make SuperDuper's experiences as seamless and accessible as possible.

Overlord is part of SuperDuper's multi-pronged approach, crucial to introducing the next 100 million users to web3. As an expansive IP, Overlord blurs the boundaries between various entertainment forms. The project is managed by ThreeSixZero, an international entertainment powerhouse, and represented by the world's largest entertainment agency WME, which helps leverage the brands into high-value IP deals and unlock distribution across mainstream entertainment channels. This expansive collaboration includes an animation project using the Creepz IP, undertaken by Seth Green's Emmy award-winning production house, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, and set for release on major streaming platforms such as Netflix.

West Brand Lab, an esteemed fashion firm led by former executives from Nike, Lululemon, and Levis, is also joining hands with Overlord to release a clothing line soon.

By joining forces with Immutable, SuperDuper aims to provide its players with a lightning-fast, gas-free trading experience of digital assets across their web3 portfolio. Dom Smith, co-founder of SuperDuper, expressed his excitement about the partnership, "Our collaboration with Immutable X supercharges our web3 gaming experiences by providing true digital ownership through NFTs. Get ready for an unprecedented web3 gaming experience!"

The initial playable Alpha version of Overlord RTS is slated for release in Q3 2023.

About Immutable Immutable, the first gaming platform to offer a zero-knowledge scaling solution to the Ethereum community, is on a mission to make it easy for developers to build and launch successful games on Ethereum. It includes pre-built solutions that ensure fast market penetration without compromising security or player experience. The platform offers multiple zk-based scaling options, including Immutable X and Immutable zkEVM, powered by StarkWare and Polygon technology, respectively. With in-house gaming capabilities, Immutable is known for creating the blockbuster NFT trading-card game Gods Unchained and the eagerly-awaited mobile RPG Guild of Guardians.