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Staynex and Huawei: A Web3 Revolution in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Staynex partners with Huawei, promising a Web3 revolution in the travel and hospitality sector. Leveraging AI and advanced tech tools, this partnership aims to enrich travel experiences and offer comprehensive solutions.

Staynex-Huawei Partnership to Innovate Travel Industry with Web3

Staynex, a global vacation club platform, has joined forces with technology behemoth Huawei, aiming to harness Web3 technologies to transform the travel and hospitality industry. This collaboration promises a comprehensive travel experience for users, offering heightened convenience and a vast array of choices, powered by advanced AI tools. Staynex commits to providing travelers with an extensive variety of hotels and itinerary options, fitting their personal preferences, lifestyles, and budgets, reaffirming its dedication to crafting superior travel solutions.

Bernard Lau, Founder and CEO of Staynex, anticipates that the partnership with Huawei will enable the development of more comprehensive solutions for the travel and hospitality sector. "We're excited to delve into the numerous opportunities and strive to empower global travelers," he remarked.

Rex Lei, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud Singapore, shares similar enthusiasm. "We're thrilled to collaborate with Staynex, supplementing its platform with our cutting-edge technology tools and enhancing our range of corporate services. Given our expertise in cloud technology, we're confident in developing more efficient and advanced ICT solutions for the travel and hospitality industry."

Staynex, an integral component of the Labs Group ecosystem, plans to leverage Huawei's innovative technology to offer its AI-powered Travel Solutions. The solutions cater to everyday travelers and also include corporate solutions designed to simplify booking travel tickets for corporate events such as conferences.

This partnership also extends to Staynex's integration into the Huawei Marketplace, providing millions of Huawei device users easy access to Staynex's comprehensive travel platform.

Through this collaboration, Staynex aims to expedite its expansion into the Chinese market and further.

Staynex, as a part of the Labs Group Ecosystem, is on a mission to revolutionize the travel and hospitality industry. By employing advanced technologies like AI and Web3, Staynex seeks to enhance individual travel experiences and streamline corporate travel bookings, ultimately making travel more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for all.