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SK Telecom Joins Forces with Polygon Labs to Develop a Web3 Ecosystem

SK Telecom and Polygon Labs enter a strategic partnership to enrich the Web3 ecosystem. The collaboration will integrate Polygon’s technology into SK Telecom’s NFT marketplace and upcoming Web3 wallet.

SK Telecom and Polygon Labs Join Forces

In a monumental move, SK Telecom (SKT) and Polygon Labs have announced a strategic partnership to cultivate an advanced Web3 ecosystem. The agreement was formalized in a signing ceremony at SK Telecom’s Seoul headquarters.

TopPort, SK Telecom's NFT marketplace, will integrate Polygon’s blockchain technology, thereby enhancing its scalability and efficiency. This enables creators to mint Polygon-based NFTs, expanding TopPort’s reach and interoperability with other NFT platforms within the Polygon ecosystem.

Slated to launch in late 2023, SK Telecom's upcoming Web3 wallet will offer users a secure way to trade NFTs, thanks to its integration with the Polygon network.

The collaboration extends beyond mere technical advancements. Both SKT and Polygon Labs have pledged to actively nurture the Web3 ecosystem. This involves identifying and supporting promising Web3 startups, especially through Polygon Labs’ venture arm, Polygon Ventures.

The partnership aims to magnify the global presence of Korean Web3 startups and pave the way for leading decentralized apps (dApps) into the domestic market.

Oh Se-hyun, VP and Head of Web3 CO at SKT, believes that the partnership will unlock valuable business opportunities. Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs, views the alliance as a crucial step toward making Web3 experiences accessible to a broader consumer base.

This partnership has the potential to redefine user experiences in the Web3 ecosystem. With SK Telecom’s expertise in blockchain services and Polygon Labs’ robust blockchain infrastructure, the collaboration promises to shape the future of the Web3 world for years to come.