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Push Protocol v2 Enhances Monetization in Web3 Communication

Push Protocol unveils its upgraded peer-to-peer messaging service, introducing monetization features to increase application value. Influencers can now charge their fans in PUSH tokens for direct interactions.

Push Protocol v2: Monetizing Web3 Messaging

Push Protocol, formerly known as the Ethereum Push Notification Service, has released its second version with notable features to enhance the app's monetization capabilities. Among the new features is a setting called incentivized chat requests, allowing influencers to charge fans a one-time fee in PUSH tokens for a chat session.

Harsh Rajat, co-founder of Push, regards the launch of incentivized chat requests as a significant step towards the decentralization of social media, fostering new opportunities for influencers and public figures to generate value from their communities. Currently, the feature is available only on the Ethereum chain, but future versions promise multichain support.

Push Protocol has also introduced the Push Fee Pool, providing users with a community-oriented means to participate in monetizing the platform. The fee pool, according to Rajat, serves as a significant stride towards democratizing an open, Web3 communication network. As per the tokenomics, the fee pool funds premium features under development, charging "super users" in PUSH tokens for expanded storage and premium feature access, similar to Telegram Premium.

The Push Protocol launched on the Ethereum network in January 2022 and has since been revamping its platform to resemble Web2 communication apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Push recently launched a feature called Push Spaces at the EthCC conference in Paris, mirroring Twitter Spaces. Furthermore, it introduced a wallet-to-wallet video chatting capability in April, originally outlined in its 2020 white paper.