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Protocol Labs and Consensys Join Forces to Bolster Blockchain Initiatives

Consensys and Protocol Labs merge strengths, elevating the Consensys Scale Program for advancing blockchain projects.

Consensys Scale Program: A New Dawn for Blockchain Ventures with Protocol Labs

The Consensys Scale Program, a rebrand of the former Consensys Startup Program, is blazing trails for mature ventures in the decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain arena. Positioned to cater to enterprises from the Seed to Series A stage, the program ensures ventures have a seasoned team, institutional backing, and a commendable product-market fit.

Eager to harness the budding potential of the blockchain industry, Consensys encourages ventures to become part of their ecosystem. This includes adopting Linea, their zK-EVM Chain, leveraging the progressive MetaMask Snaps platform, and integrating their choice of blockchain via Infura. Collaborative alliances with esteemed players like Protocol Labs amplify their commitment to this cause.

Ventures partnering with Protocol Labs gain an edge. They're privy to unmatched technical insights, potential funding avenues, and coveted invitations to the Founders community. With decentralized storage heralded as the backbone of native Web3 solutions, these builders can capitalize on the robustness of Filecoin, IPFS, NFT.Storage Pro, and Pro. From storage credits and unparalleled technical support to exclusive access to the FOUNDERS community, Protocol Labs leaves no stone unturned.

The coming together of Protocol Labs and Consensys is designed to empower the blockchain industry. This partnership goes beyond protocols, bridging the gap with startup establishments through collaborative efforts. Their joint ambition is to carry their shared legacy of achievements to the Scale program, optimizing technological advancements for the global community.

Protocol Labs boasts an illustrious past, having backed founders in amassing over USD 1 billion in external funds. Their early bet on Consensys underscores their faith in this collaboration. Their association spans various accelerator programs in the Ethereum ecosystem, notably TachyonX, championed by Protocol Labs under the ConsenSys Mesh banner.

The Consensys Scale program's vision is clear – to empower ten elite web3 ventures quarterly, ensuring they are well-equipped with tools like MetaMask, Infura, and Linea. This also entails comprehensive technical support, workshops, co-marketing opportunities, funding prospects, and a slew of ecosystem advantages.