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Polygon Labs Launches 'The Value Prop': A Comprehensive Blockchain Use Case Database

Polygon Labs introduces The Value Prop, a growing open database hosting positive blockchain use cases, aiming to educate the public and shift regulators' perspectives on the crypto industry.

Polygon Labs has introduced The Value Prop, a comprehensive database hosting blockchain use cases. This open database showcases various positive use cases of blockchain technology worldwide and currently hosts 39 use cases and over 300 applications, with these numbers expected to grow.

The Value Prop categorizes blockchain technology use cases into seven groups: education, security and risk management, social impact and sustainability, finance, business and marketing, governance, and information technology. It also includes a section for uploading testimonials, either video or written, where individuals can share how blockchain has positively impacted their lives.

Rebecca Rettig, Polygon Labs Chief Policy Officer, stated that the site's content would grow as people request more applications to be listed. The recent legal actions against Binance and Coinbase by the SEC have underscored the need for such a resource, which can help demonstrate the positive impact and potential of blockchain technology beyond the vulnerabilities often associated with cryptocurrencies.

The Value Prop could shift regulators' views of the crypto industry, leading to more positive, adoption-focused regulations and providing the public with a better understanding of blockchain technology's benefits. In addition to this, Singapore's central bank has recently launched a pilot program exploring digital assets use cases in tokenization and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).