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PerxPal: FLOLiO Launches the First Token-Gated Cashback Platform Bridging Web2 and Web3

FLOLiO, dedicated to bridging web2 and web3, has launched its latest product: PerxPal. This groundbreaking platform allows consumers to earn CashBack from leading brands and token-gated "PERX" rewards.

PerxPal, a token-gated cashback platform bridging web2 and web3.

FLOLiO, an innovative company committed to bridging web2 and web3, announced today the introduction of its latest product, PerxPal. Pioneering a new approach to online shopping, PerxPal enables consumers to earn CashBack from leading brands across various industries and further gain token-gated "PERX" rewards by verifying ownership of NFTs and digital assets.

"FLOLiO's mission is to develop and deliver products that create synergy from web2 to web3," says CFO Mikhail Reznik. "PerxPal is not just a step, but a giant leap in that direction. We're pioneering an entirely new way to engage with brands through the best aspects of web3."

PerxPal is the first platform to offer token-gated rewards, allowing consumers to unlock superior rewards, enhancing their shopping experience, and adding significant value to owning certain digital assets or collectibles.

Reznik added, "We've spent the last year really listening. There is a lot of focus and exploration on how NFT Projects can create more utility for their token holders other than just 'All NFTs Go Up'. On the other hand, the biggest brands in the world are trying to find the best ways to enter the web3 space. PerxPal is a great start for both of these stakeholders. PerxPal creates added utility for all the token holders by simply putting more money in their pockets on everyday shopping, and it allows the brands to interact with these consumers like never before."

Interested users can sign up for PerxPal at no cost and start shopping at top brands and earning CashBack immediately.