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Particle Network Partners with ApeX Protocol to Simplify Web3 Onboarding and Wallet Creation

Particle Network has joined forces with ApeX Protocol to redefine Web3 onboarding and wallet creation. This partnership will simplify and secure user experiences within the decentralized Web3 ecosystem.

Particle Network & ApeX Protocol.

Particle Network, a provider of Web3 application development solutions, has partnered with ApeX Protocol, a decentralized trading platform, to streamline the onboarding process and wallet creation within the Web3 ecosystem.

ApeX Pro, a non-custodial and non-KYC derivatives decentralized exchange, leverages StarkWare’s Layer 2 scalability engine StarkEx for an efficient orderbook model. Through integrating Particle’s authentication, wallet-as-a-service, and Account Abstraction solutions, ApeX aims to make the Web3 onboarding experience simple and remove the complexities of wallet creation.

With Particle’s SDK solutions, ApeX users can register easily using familiar login methods like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, Particle’s authentication and MPC wallet services allow users to create secure Web3 non-custodial wallets directly through their social logins, removing the need for external wallet setups.

Particle Network’s MPC-TSS technology provides high-level security for ApeX’s users. This approach distributes keys across multiple nodes, minimizing vulnerability and removing single points of failure. Particle Network adds multiple encryption layers through its Master Password feature and uses a Dedicated and Isolated Key Management System.

Particle’s Account Abstraction Solution offers ApeX traders the luxury of batch transactions and fund deposits without gas fees. The integration removes the separate steps of USDC spend authorization and deposit transaction confirmation, allowing users to confirm a single transaction.

The main goal of this collaboration is to create a smoother onboarding experience in the Web3 ecosystem. By using Particle Network’s capabilities, ApeX Protocol offers an efficient, secure, and user-friendly environment. Particle Network’s full-stack solutions enable easy, seamless, end-to-end application development for projects like ApeX Exchange.

Particle Network continues to simplify Web3 for developers and users with its range of plug-and-play solutions. Through partnering with leading Web3 projects, Particle Network has onboarded millions of users and achieved considerable conversion rate increases. Its mission remains to simplify Web3 for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.