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Oasys Partners with AWS to Initiate Web3 Gaming Hackathon Online

Oasys Blockchain teams up with Amazon Web Services to kick off a Web3 gaming hackathon in Singapore. The event offers a $42,000 prize pool and is set to run from August 18th to September 13th.

Oasys Partners with AWS for a Trailblazing Web3 Gaming Hackathon

Singapore-based Oasys Blockchain has announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch GameWave Genesis, a high-stakes Web3 gaming hackathon. The event boasts a robust alliance with gaming industry giants like Ubisoft, ChainGuardians, Adventure Gold DAO, and AAG.

Scheduled to run from August 18th to September 13th, the hackathon aims to bring together a community of innovative developers and industry experts. With a total prize pool of $42,000, GameWave Genesis offers a unique platform for participants to demonstrate their skills, secure resources, and delve into the endless possibilities of Web3 gaming.

Oasys, a gaming-optimized blockchain platform, serves as the backbone of the event. This platform allows for seamless integration of blockchain features into game development. AWS adds its rich cloud computing resources and expertise, making this hackathon a perfect ground for nurturing next-level gaming solutions.

The hackathon is not just an isolated event but is part of two major tech gatherings in Asia: Ethereum Singapore 2023 and TOKEN2049. This extends its reach and impact, further highlighting its commitment to revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Participants will have the chance to interact with team members from Oasys and Verses, as well as representatives from leading tech and gaming companies. This provides invaluable networking opportunities that could lead to future collaborations.

The prize pool comprises $30,000 in USDT, split among the top three winners: $15,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place, and $5,000 for third place. Additional rewards include $30,000 in AWS Credits and Ubisoft Perks.

Interested parties can apply via the Dorahacks website and join specific channels to collaborate and gain insights directly from the Oasys team.

GameWave Genesis by Oasys and AWS signifies a monumental step in the evolution of Web3 gaming. It promises not just innovation but also aims to merge the latest trends like NFTs and interoperability. As the event gears up, all eyes will be on this hackathon to see what the future of gaming might look like.