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Neowiz and Ava Labs Collaborate for a Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Era in Asia

Neowiz, a major Korean game publisher, joins hands with Ava Labs to boost Web3 gaming in Asia. This venture promises to redefine the future of gaming in the region.

Neowiz and Ava Labs strategic Web3 gaming partnership.

Asia is witnessing a new dawn in gaming, with Neowiz, the renowned Korean video game titan, forging a pivotal partnership with Ava Labs to champion Web3 gaming across the continent. This collaboration marks a significant stride, especially when factoring in Neowiz’s illustrious 25-year history in the gaming industry.

The buzz doesn’t stop there! Neowiz's recent affiliation with the Avalanche Arcad3 Web3 gaming program demonstrates their fervor for exploring the untapped potential of Web3 gaming. Their impressive $51 million USD sales in the second quarter of 2023 stand testimony to their dominance in the market. Notably, a strategic dialogue is on the horizon, with Ava Labs' Gaming Chief, Ed Chang, slated to brainstorm with Intella X.

Avalanche's skyrocketing influence, notably in gaming hubs like South Korea, underscores Neowiz's strategic moves. With Neowiz being among the elite top-100 game companies, their alliance with Avalanche places them in the august company of Asian behemoths like Alibaba, Tencent, and Gree. Astonishingly, the Asian gaming landscape is largely dominated by Korean companies in the realm of blockchain gaming, with Japanese firms making waves in VR gaming.

Adding to the momentum is Gumi, a formidable player in the Japanese media and gaming scene, now part of the premier Arcad3 group. This signifies the escalating importance of Web3 gaming in the Asian panorama.

As for Neowiz's subsidiary, Intella X, they're geared up to harness the best of Web3 gaming at Avalanche Arcad3. This platform grants them unparalleled opportunities to collaborate and gain insights from elite Web3 game maestros. From delving into NFTs, blockchain gaming culture, to advanced infrastructure, Intella X is all set for an enriching experience.

Avalanche Arcad3 is not just another program; it's a hub where expertise meets innovation. Neowiz, alongside other industry giants like TSM/Blitz and Shrapnel, is set to gain deep insights into Ava Labs' Web3 gaming strategies, tokenomics, and much more.

In words of Neowiz's Co-CEO, Taegeun “Andrew” Bae, this partnership with Ava Labs is a two-way street of knowledge exchange. From Web3 gaming technologies, network solutions to operational blueprints, the mission is clear: Deliver premium Web3 gaming experiences to their global user base.