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Nefta, a Web3 Adtech Pioneer, Partners with XPLA

XPLA and Nefta join forces to enhance web3 gaming tools, promising a new era for Com2uS’ game studios and the broader web3 universe.

Com2uS’ XPLA & Nefta: A Strategic Alliance to Redefine Web3 Gamin

In an ambitious move to redefine the web3 gaming landscape, Com2uS' gaming blockchain, XPLA, announces its collaboration with web3 advertisement and tool specialist, Nefta. This partnership aims to furnish XPLA's affiliated game studios with bespoke tools tailored for web3 gaming.

Nefta's toolkit, a medley of features ensuring frictionless user onboarding, efficient NFT and token creation and distribution, and modifiable marketplaces, will now be at the disposal of every game studio under XPLA's banner.

Treading the web3 pathway, Com2uS' iconic RPG, Summoners War: Chronicles, recently embraced web3 features, introducing its in-game Mileage shop. This adoption is echoed across titles like MiniGame Party, Ace Fishing: Crew, and Idle Ninja Online. Com2uS' vision for the future is crystal clear, with Kyu Lee, its US president, affirming that the entirety of the company's gaming portfolio will transition to web3.

Nefta's CEO and co-founder, Geeshan Willink, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Our alliance with XPLA isn't just a partnership; it's a testament to our shared vision. Our synergies in advancing web3, especially within gaming, are evident. We're not just enhancing our platforms; we're redefining the gaming development landscape and the gamer's experience."

Nefta's journey, initiated in 2022, revolves around making blockchain accessible to all. Their collaborative spirit is evident in partnerships with web3 gaming pioneers like Viker, Gami, Medieval Empires, and Mystic Games. Furthermore, their recent venture with the HAQQ network bolstered the web3 space, integrating over a million HolidaySwap users onto the blockchain.

Concluding on an exhilarating note, a representative from XPLA shared, "This Nefta collaboration is a watershed moment, signaling the monumental leaps in the web3 gaming sector. Nefta's seamless blockchain technology not only strengthens the future of blockchain but also heralds a safer web3 gaming ecosystem. Together, XPLA and Nefta are setting the stage for an expansive web3 gaming horizon."